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My name is Efemena Ogboru. I am a Nigerian artist based in Canada. I enjoy drawing and painting my melanated people of African decent because we are so beautiful and our skin comes in different beautiful shades of brown and our hairs are so similar but have different defined texture. I like to insert my culture into my art like West African instruments, jewelries and attires. Efe's Képtár is a gallery that shows beautiful original artworks by artist Efemena Ogboru.

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My Story

Efemena Ogboru was born and raised in Abuja, Nigeria until 2017 where she moved to Canada to pursue a degree  in Fine arts at the University of Manitoba. She is an multidisciplinary artist who works with acrylics, oil paint, collages and digital works.


She specializes with portraits, focuses on melanated skin of African decent and the different tones and textures in the skin. She has always had a passion for drawing from a young age, she grew up around artist that specialized in different mediums and techniques. She learnt to paint from a professional oil paint Nigerian artist in 2016 and in 2018 she started learning digital art and graphic design.


She has participated in an exhibition to help raise funds for orphans in Uganda, she has also participated in the art Olympia 2019 competition. She is currently participating in the 61st Toronto outdoor online fair and has completed her first residency which is the 2022 BIPOC public art residency.


She sold her first painting in 2016 and has been selling her paintings and prints for over 7 years. She enjoys experimenting with different media and will continue to explore different drawing and painting techniques in the future.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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