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Efe Ogboru

Hi, I'm Efe, a Nigerian multi disciplinary artist soaking up the Canadian life! I enjoy bringing my art to life, especially when it comes to capturing the beauty of my fellow melanin-rich folks of African descent. My focus? Celebrating our culture and showcasing the diverse beauty in black people, from different skin tones to unique features.

Welcome to Efe's Képtár – my online gallery showcasing original artworks straight from my heart to your screen. Feel free to take your time browsing, and if something catches your eye, you'll find all the details, including prices. And hey, if you're after something extra special, I'm also up for commissions to create a personalized art piece just for you. Let's spread the love for art and culture! 🎨✨


Location: 685 Westminster Ave (Sherbrook Inn), Winnipeg, Manitoba

Artist(s): Efemena Ogboru

Year: 2022

Project Photographer/Videographer: Synonym Art Consulting and Rylaan Gimby

Services: Artist Capacity Building